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+1*800*423*1797 American Airlines Reservations Phone Number USA Toll Free

AA (American Airlines) Tickets Reservations Customer Service Phone Number USA Toll Free +1 800 423 1797 by (24/7). Booking Flight tickets of American airlines is very easy dial American airlines 800 contact number.
American Airlines provides various kinds of services to its customers. The airlines provide transportation services for cargo and passengers. Other services that it provides are mail and freight services. There are many places from which the company operates which include Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, and many other places.

People who want to go to various places through American airlines can reserve their seats through American airlines reservations. The reservation procedure is very easy and after booking the tickets, the passengers can board American airlines flight.

Passengers can plan a trip and then they can contact the airlines for American flights reservations. They can plan three types of trips

  • • Round trip
  • • One way trip
  • • Multicity trip

After making a plan, can call the airlines through American airlines reservations phone number 800 423-1797 and enquire about the flight, reservation costs and other information. After getting the required information, they can book a ticket through American airlines reservations from the counter or from the official website. In order to book a ticket, passengers have to provide the following information.

  • • Type of trip whether round, one way, or multi city
  • • Source
  • • Destination
  • • Number of passengers and their age

They can search for the flight, book a ticket, pay online and the ticket will be mailed to them.

Passengers can also book a hotel for accommodation along with the ticket. They can get this information through American flight reservations phone number


Why American Airlines Reservation Official Website?

American Airlines provide cheap reservation fare for the passengers and in order to know about the fare, a passenger can get in contact with the airlines through American airlines reservations phone numbers 800 423-1797. The can search for the number online. The executive who will pick up the phone will let the passenger know about American airlines flight booking online.

The airlines provides assistance in the following

  • • The airlines help the passengers in checking of the baggage and check-in process.
  • • There is no confusion for the passengers from the time they enter the airport to the time they get the confirmation number of the ticket.
  • • The airlines provide a number of discounts and passengers can use them to lower the cost of travel.
  • • A passenger also gets the facility of club and lounge.
  • • Then customer service provided by the airlines helps the passengers if they have any queries regarding the flight.
  • • There are many entertainment facilities including Wi-Fi, which the passengers can enjoy during their travel.

How to American Airline Book a Flight Ticket?

A passenger who wants to book a ticket has to take the following steps.

  • 1. American airlines toll free number +1 800 423 1797
  • 2. Book Now on call
  • 3. Choose your destination.
  • 4. Search the best option for the flights
  • 5. Purchase the ticket and book the flight.
  • 6. Make the payment through credit card, debit card, or internet banking.
  • 7. This will complete the booking process and the passenger will get the ticket number.

In this way, passengers can carry out the process of American flight booking online. Passengers can also visit other sites for American flights booking online.

If the passenger has to change the flight, he can do it through American flight change online. He will have to pay additional fees if he wants seat in the main cabin.

Airport Information by American Airlines Phone Number 800 423-1797

Passengers should have the following information before reaching the airport.

  • • Gate information
  • • Terminal maps
  • • Ticker counter hours

They need much more information beside this and then the trip will start. If a user has opted for multi city trip, the he has to look for the same information for the second airport. After reaching the destination, he should have the information about the exit gate and terminal. Passengers can contact then airline through American airline phone number to get the information about the entry, and check-in time. | American Airlines Book a Flight

American Airlines Flight Status

Users can check the status of their flight through the city or through the flight number. After entering the information like flight number and date of journey, the passengers will come to about their status whether the flight is late or will depart at its correct time.

American Airlines Boarding Process

The boarding in the flight starts 30 to 50 minutes before departure. The time of boarding also depends on the destination and plane. If only ten minutes are left for the departure of the plane, then the door is closed and the passenger cannot board the plane.

Passengers have to take a note of arrival and check-in time of the plane on or before the day he wants to travel.

Arrival time at airport – American Airlines

Passengers can call the airport through American airlines reservations phone number +1 800 423 1797 to know about the status of the flight so that they can arrive at the airport on time. The passengers have plenty of check-in time if they arrive the airport on time. Passengers who belong to US should come to the airport 1.5 hours before the departure while the outsiders should arrive two hours before.

Check In

There are self-service kiosks available at many airports and passengers can use them to make the check-in process quick. If users have electronic ticket, they can use curbside check-in. The check-in time for the US citizens is 45 minutes before the scheduled departure and for the outsider it is sixty minutes.

Travelling with infants

If the passengers have an infant or children with them, they will have to carry an address proof for them if their age is under 18. If the passengers are travelling outside US, they should have the same documents for the child as that of adults.

A child under 18 is traveling without parents, he will have to carry a letter of consent. Ticket for a child of two years or older will have the same charge as that of adults. Another rule is that children below five years are not allowed to travel alone. The passengers are allowed to carry only one diaper bag per child.

If the parents are travelling with infants who are less than seven days old, they have to carry a passenger medical form filled by the physician. The form will be sent to the physician by a special assistance coordinator. The person who is accompanying an infant should be a parent or an adult who is 16 years of age or more. They should also sit in the same cabin.


There are many rules for checking the bags. If a passenger is carrying either a stroller or a car seat, they will be checked without any charge. If the passenger is carrying both then only of them is checked at the gate. People can take maximum ten bags if their trip is Domestic, Transatlantic, and Transpacific. If the trip is for South America or Brazil, then the passengers can carry maximum five bags.

A passenger is allowed to take one bag and one personal item and this rule is applicable for all the cabins. Passengers can carry one bag for free in the basic and economy classes.

International travel

If a passenger has to ravel outside US, he has to make the following preparations

Carry all the travel documents as they will be needed during the time of check-in.

The information on the4 ticket should be exactly the same as it is in the passport.

The passenger has to check with the consulate of every country before entering. This done to confirm that the passenger has all the travel requirement.

There are rules in some countries to provide the4 proof of return or onward journey along with sufficient fund and a visiting address.

Documents to be carried

Here is the list of documents, which a passenger has to carry for an international travel.


Passport is needed for all the international travel so the passenger will need it for verification before he boards an international flight. Passengers will have to carry the original passport and not the passport card as the card is not eligible for identification. Here are the criteria for the passport.

  • • The validity of the passport should be six months or more.
  • • The passport should not be in a damaged condition.
  • • There should be no wear and tear.
  • • A passenger will not be allowed to board the plane if he has an altered or damaged passport.


Some countries also check visa in addition to the passport. If a passenger’s stay in US is less than 90 days, the eligible passengers can use Electronic System for Travel Authorization(ESTA), which is a part of Visa Waiver Program. The application for ESTA should be sent 72 hours before the departure of the flight. Here are the criteria for an approved ESTA travel.

  • • ESTA is valid for two years. If the passport expires before this period, ESTA will also expire.
  • • With ESTA, passenger has the facility of multiple entry.
  • • Passengers who are travelling to US through the Visa Waiver Program must have electronic passport along with a symbol.

If the passport is non-electronic, the visa is a must for traveling to US.


If a passenger is the member of AAdvantage, he will have the facility of earning miles. These earned miles will help them to win flight awards or use them to book a hotel;, car or other things. The earned miles can also be used for upgrading the seat to business class or first class. People can earn when they travel more and more through the American Airlines Reservations Official Site.

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